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Drama program


At Stellar Performing Arts Academy we provide a fun, safe and stimulating environment that boosts your child’s confidence and self-esteem, while developing students’ innate creativity and performance skills.

At Stellar we have developed the unique, three-stage, What, Why, How drama program. This program utilises world leading acting methods, targeted at developing the students’ voice, movement, presentation and communication skills. By breaking down the teachings of leading practitioners into age appropriate components, students are able to learn and master new skills, which can be built upon each year.
Stage One (Lower Primary): Students learn the What of physical and vocal performance. Acting methods are broken down into simple and fun practical tasks, teaching students the fundamental skills of performance and theatre making.
Stage Two (Upper Primary): Students learn the Why of methods through increasingly complex exercises and short performances. This stage helps students discover why certain skills are required to create a strong and creative performance. Specific skills are directly applied to creating characters, improvisation and theatre making.
Stage Three (High School): Students learn How to apply the What & Why to their performance, allowing them to use these skills at a high level in play rehearsal or devised theatre making process.
The benefits of this unique program extend far beyond the performance space, ultimately equipping your child with essential life skills of self-confidence, critical and creative thinking and group collaboration skills.
We invite the parents in, to view their child's progress twice a year in a casual 'open classroom' performance, which are held at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. These open classrooms provide students with the opportunity to show off their new skills, performing in a fun, low pressure environment. Notes and emails will be sent home mid Term 2 and 4 with details of dates and times.

Stellar Performing Arts is a registered provider of the NSW Creative Kids program.


You will find a section at the bottom of your online enrolment form to provide the voucher number along wth your child's full name and date of birth for validation.


We then submit your voucher and apply it to your booking. This process can take up to 1 week.


***Please Note*** 

Please select the 'pay later' option if you are using your Creative Kids voucher. You will be notified if any further payment is required.

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